About GITA

    Gandhidham Information Technologists Association ( GITA ) is the apex body of I.T. trade in Gujarat, which covers the regions of Gandhidham, Anjar, Adipur. It has emerged as the authentic voice of I.T. Industry in this part of Gujarat.

    GITA is a non-profit organization formed on 23rd July 2009 to facilitate I.T. trade and industry and encourage technological advancements in this region. Since its inception, GITA has been able to garner a lot of respect from the society. Because of GITA 's commitment, to promote I.T. by way of organizing seminars, road shows, workshops, and exhibitions, to the citizens, it has gained a special place in everyone's' heart.The spirit of unity, goodwill & friendliness amongst the members of GITA is the first fruit of the efforts put in by the founders of the organization.

    Because of the consistent efforts pumped in by GITA , it has been able to preserve and improve the commercial competence and interests of fellow members. The Association envisages improving the overall quality of the trade & industry by way of constantly upgrading its members and society, in general, with the latest technologies and upcoming trends in I.T. through various means of communications as mentioned above.


    The general management and control of GITA's internal working methodology is vested in its Committee Members. The members of the Committee are elected from general GITA members, each representing a cross section of I.T. trade viz. hardware, software, internet, peripherals, consumables, education, power-products, professionals, etc.